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Choose Televisions with Latest Features

Choose Televisions with Latest Features

Television is one of the best sources of entertainment that you can have in your living rooms.  To watch a movie or your favorite sport, you need best quality television which gives you good entertainment and takes you away from your busy life.  There are varieties of televisions available to choose from. But understanding latest feature and their use makes your television buying decision simple so you can buy right size, type and resolution televisions with required features.

Screen Type

Latest television screens are of LED type. LED screens last long and are light weight compared to LCD. LED televisions come in two forms based on lighting position.  If you want best quality picture, back lit LED TV is the perfect choice. If you have budget constraints, go for edge lit LED TV. Edge lit LED TVs are slimmer than back lit LED TVs. Organic LED TVs (OLED) can give quality viewing experience.  OLED TVs are expensive but deals website can help you find best price.

Display Resolution

Display resolution tells you display quality which is measured in number of pixels displayed in each dimension.  1080p is widely used display resolution which is called HD display. Latest screens support 4k display resolution which is called ultra HD display and is a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines. One point to remember is that content quality, display resolution, screen size and viewing distance should match to have excellent viewing experience.

Smart TV

Smart TVs can connect to internet, laptops, mobiles or other networked devices.  With smart TV you can access movies, music, and social sites with apps and with full browser support you can visit any website.


3D TV is HDTV with 3D feature. 3D technology allows TVs to display videos mad-in 3D video with the help of 3D glasses or other 3d accessories.  Again, you need to have proper content to enjoy 3D feature.


To enhance your television functionality, it needs to have various connectivity options.  Most commonly used connectivity options are HDMI, USB, VGA, Wi-Fi and NFC.  HDMI is the best option for connecting to latest video players, gaming consoles and Laptops.  USB is best for transferring files like photos to and from TV, pen drive and cameras.  For intent connectivity, Wi-Fi or Ethernet support is required. NFC is near field communication which allows proximity devices to communicate wireless via radio channel.

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