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Now Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram Apps on Windows 10

Now Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram Apps on Windows 10

Facebook was giving a hint from a few months that they have special plans for Windows 10. The first statement came last year in October when the CEO discussed about it. They did beta testing and now Facebook is ready to bring Messenger as well as Facebook apps on Windows 10. The desktop edition for Windows 8 was available for the same. However now with this new arrival it is now equivalent to iOS and Android version. The new edition will allow Windows 10 users to enjoy the features of these apps without any difficulty.

One of the best things is that users will not find any difference between this new edition and the edition available for other platforms. They would be able to check comments as well as the event reminder. They would also be able to manage various functions of News Feed. You may not find the live video broadcasting section here but it is almost sure that the feature will come very soon. Similarly Messenger app is also going to be very useful here.  You will find many new features like group conversations, latest stickers and GIFs. You will get the desktop notification if you receive any incoming chat. Therefore it has a number of rich features which will surely help you to stay connected with your friends as well as colleagues. There is also a special Messenger Live Tile which you can include in the start Menu. Therefore you can easily check your messages here.

Now Instagram is also the part of Facebook and company has brought this platform also on Windows 10. There is certainly exciting news for Windows lovers. Now check the photos and videos of your loved ones and celebrities anytime. It has all the new features like the latest search and explore feature, videos as well as direct messages. Many users like keeping different accounts. Therefore you can easily utilize this feature here without any difficulty. It is up to you where you want to keep Instagram app. If you want to keep it on home screen then you can easily place it. So get the web-like experience with all these new features. These new apps are appearing stylish. If you are using Windows 10 then you can visit Windows Store. There is no doubt that most of the Windows 10 users were eagerly waiting for this facility. Now it is available and you can enjoy these new functions.

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