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Whatsapp to Include Call Back and ZIP File sharing Characteristics

Whatsapp to Include Call Back and ZIP File sharing Characteristics

Whatsapp has included a lot of features in past few months. This messaging platform is now owned by Facebook and we have seen that they have made a lot of changes in recent time. You may remember that we have discussed about the feature of sharing PDF documents. They have also brought end-to-end encryption which surprised people throughout the world. Now there are reports that Whatsapp is planning to bring some new functions very soon.

Some reports are suggesting that Whatsapp is going to include a “Call Back” feature which will allow the user to call the person in case he missed the call. There will be a special notification which will show the list of the calls missed by the user. You can easily call back from notification section which will be much easier than before. This is certainly a user-friendly feature which most of the people will like in coming times. You need not have to open Whatsapp to make the call.

The feature will be available for Android as well as iOS and a single tap will be sufficient for calling the friend or anyone through notification. There are some more reports also. Experts are saying that Whatsapp is going to add voicemail facility for iOS users. Therefore now you would be able to record and send the voicemail with ease. Moreover it was not a long time when they included the feature to send and receive PDF files. Now the platform is preparing for ZIP files also. Users would be able to send and receive ZIP files very soon. This will be a very good option for most of the people. Currently we cannot send a file through Whatsapp if the size is big. However ZIP file will allow sending the files through Whatsapp. It will certainly assist a lot of people throughout the world.

Currently it is not clear when Whatsapp is going to bring all these new features. However the pace through which Whatsapp is bringing the update, we can say that we will get these new features very soon. They know very well that they have to bring some good features here so that they can stay on the top in future also. Whatsapp is the biggest messaging platform at present. Currently they have the biggest active user-base which makes them different from others. Now these new features will certainly add more users as a number of other professionals will definitely like these new characteristics.

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