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Franz Brings 14 Top Messaging Apps to a Single App

Franz Brings 14 Top Messaging Apps to a Single App

There are a number of popular messaging apps throughout the world. Many of us utilize most of these apps and at times it becomes tough to manage everything. This is the reality which we cannot deny in today’s era. We like using Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts and many other platforms. The reasons for using these apps vary from one person to another. However one thing is common that everyone will like to manage all these platforms without juggling from one platform to other.

The solution to avoid this madness is available now. There is a special app called Franz which is now available to download and you can utilize it to club all the famous messaging apps to one place. Now you need not have to keep checking different Windows to find any previous chat. Therefore it is surely very beneficial for most of the users. This new app is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and you can use it without losing any of your important chat details. Franz has the support available for almost all the famous messaging apps. Therefore you can handle different chats from a single place.

The best thing about Franz is that you can handle multiple accounts for a single platform. We cannot deny that many of us like keeping professional and personal details separate. Therefore Franz allows you to keep professional as well as personal chats in a different manner without losing any of your important data. Franz is available for download now and we certainly think that it is going to be beneficial for most of the people. You can use different tabs to handle all the chats from a single place. You need not have to worry about the security as Franz is not going to read any of your data. This basically works like a web browser providing different tabs to manage your chats without any difficulty.

Most of the users are finding Franz functional because it not only helps to save the precious time but it is also supportive to manage all the tabs comfortably. This is a free app by the makers. So if you haven’t checked Franz so far then check it immediately. This will be very useful to handle different messaging accounts from a single place. The app is secure and your data can stay safe when you start using it.

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