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Some Useful Whatsapp Features to Check

Some Useful Whatsapp Features to Check

Whatsapp is among the top messaging platform of the world. It has more than 1 billion active users throughout the globe. This is first app which most of the people install as soon as they purchase a new gadget. The users are widely spread all over the world and it is prime reason that they update the features regularly to bring new things. Recently company included some new characteristics in this platform. These features make the platform valuable and it can be very useful for most of the people.

  • Data Usage: – It is not uncommon that many of us keep downloading files and videos through Whatsapp. Some files are not heavy but some can actual eat the data of your monthly plan. This can be very expensive at times. If you keep low data usage on then it can assist you to save the data. Visit data usage section in settings to activate this feature.
  • Mark The Messages: – It is up to you how you want to mark the messages. You can make it as read or unread whatever you require. It is not necessary to open the conversation for it. Just long press any particular chat and use “Mark as read/unread”. This can certainly help you to avoid any awkward situation.
  • Documents: – This is one of the handiest features beneficial for most of the users. Whatsapp has now support to share PDF files. It is up to you to select the source to share these files. Choose the files through Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive as well as Microsoft OneDrive and share as per your requirement.
  • Auto-Sort the Data: – The feature to send documents makes the app functional. Whatsapp can offer a lot of data which can be a tough task to segregate at times. Hashtag and starred messages can help to choose a particular data. Whatsapp has now a special feature through which you can auto-sort the data according to the requirement. This feature can sort all the data including photos, videos, documents and links. Therefore it is surely useful for all of us. The process is very simple. Just tap any chat on the application. Here you will find three dots on the top right section. Tap it and choose “media”. Select this option to segregate the data according to the necessity.
  • Backup: – This is another beneficial feature of Whatsapp. You can keep the backup of your favourite videos. Go to settings and then chat and calls. Here you will find chat backup which will give you the facility to keep the backup of the data comfortably. You can also utilize Auto Backup but make sure you should not use phone data for the same because you may have to pay a lot of amount for it.

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