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Facebook Messenger “Group Calling” Allows to Make Group Call Up to 50 People

Facebook Messenger “Group Calling” Allows to Make Group Call Up to 50 People

Facebook Messenger is another big messaging platform which allows you to chat with your Facebook friends with ease. You can instantly send messages through text. It is among the most functional apps which can help you to stay connected with your friends and colleagues. Recently this social media giant has started a new feature called “Group Calling” in Facebook Messenger app. This feature allows the user to include up to 50 people for a group calling at the same time. You can now talk to your friends with ease as this “Group Calling” feature will be handy to include friends over the internet.

This feature will now soon be available in iOS as well as Android. The group chat will have a phone icon which will permit the user to include friends to do the chat. The feature will be handy to add more participants from this section. It is vital to inform that it is not a video chatting facility. Video chatting feature is available as one-to-one conversation. Therefore it is better to avoid any confusion over here.

There is certainly no doubt that Facebook Messenger is one of the most successful products by Facebook. There are more than 900 million people who are actively using this facility. This is one of the biggest competitors of any other messaging platform. Facebook is looking to provide more and more facilities on Facebook Messenger. It is one of the prime reasons that we are regularly getting updates here. Many new features have made the platform highly successful. It is also very useful for people as they can utilize different functions without any difficulty.

Facebook has the biggest customer base at present in this segment. Therefore most probably group calling facility will be a huge hit. Many people are actively using this feature and the addition of group calling is only going to help them in coming times. It will be a practical feature for many professionals around the globe. This will be the first platform for most of the users who are looking to make a group call because most of the people use Facebook as their primary social networking tool. It has certainly enhanced the power of Facebook Messenger because now it is not just a platform to chat with friends through texts. Facebook will now definitely look to make the Messenger app more influential in coming times. It will not be a surprise that Skype and Google Hangouts will get a competitor very soon.

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