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Apple Pay Now Available for More Than 50 New Banks

Apple Pay Now Available for More Than 50 New Banks

Apple Pay service is getting a good response from the market. Recently company included the support for more than 50 banks as well as credit unions in The Unites States which is going to be very supportive for the users. Customers of many new banks can add their credit as well as debit card details to Apple Pay and they can use the service for making payments. Now almost all the major payment related services are available through Apple Pay. You can also use reward points for doing transactions which is highly beneficial.

It is now very clear that the service now support almost all the major banks. Many credit unions are also the part of it.  Therefore you can use Apple Pay to avoid carrying cash all the time. A latest report shows that Apple Pay is the partner of 1000 card issuers. This is undoubtedly a milestone for digital wallet service. This fruit company is now regularly including new financial partners. Therefore the reach of the service is huge. You can use Apple Pay service at various stores and it helps you to protect your hard earned money. This service also allows you to utilize various offers. Therefore it can be a good deal to utilize this facility.

You may remember that Apple announced this service in 2014 in The USA. Later on they brought the service in The UK. Now the facility is available in Canada as well as Australia. China is also the part of this service. The most recent partner is Singapore where Apple launched the service in collaboration with American Express. There are certain minimum requirements to use Apple Pay. The service works with iPhone 6 and later. The gadget should have at least iOS8.1 to use this facility. Apple Pay can also work with Apple watch compatible devices as well as iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. The service is equivalent to contactless payment facility. Therefore if you haven’t used this feature then it is time to start using it to save your money. The Touch ID is very supportive here as you can make the payment with just a single touch. The set up of this service is very simple. It stores the financial details easily and you need not have to remember all the data every time. The details will remain safe even if you lose the device.

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