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Viber Includes Two New Features including End-to –End Encryption

Viber Includes Two New Features including End-to –End Encryption

We were talking about Whatsapp some days ago. We told you that Whatsapp started offering end-to-end encryption which allows only sender and receiver to read all the messages. Now it seems that a new club offering this service will be formed very soon. Viber is the next platform who joined the bandwagon and they have also started offering End-to-End encryption feature.

Records show that Viber has around 711 million users out of which around 255 million users are active. Now all the services and apps of Viber are more secured than before. It will include all the voice as well as group chats along with texts. Viber is saying officially that their users can now chat with complete security as the data is safe. It cannot be intercepted. Company also told that they were working on it from a long time and finally they are able to offer this feature. This new feature will be available for all the gadgets. Therefore users can now chat without worrying about the security.

The characteristics of End-to-end encryption allow sharing all the data, video, and text with complete peace of mind. It will allow only the involved parties to check the data. Group chatting as well as one-to-one chatting cannot be accessed by any means. Therefore most of the users will find this feature more suitable this time.

This is not all. Viber is offering another feature which can also be useful for many people. If you are looking to hide the chats from the main screen, then it is very easy now. Viber is offering a new Hidden Chats feature which will help you to keep the chats private as per your requirement. Now you can keep the chat inaccessible to hackers as well as other people. It is not uncommon if we do not mind giving access to the device to one of a close friend or family member. Now without changing any other thing on the gadget, Hidden Chats will allow you to hide the chat comfortably. Simply swipe it to the left side and add a personal PIN to access the data. You can use TouchID sensor here if you are using an iPhone. There is also a special ‘Delete’ feature which will allow you to delete the data on the recipient’s gadget even if you have sent it before. This feature gives complete access to your data. Therefore you can share the details without any difficulty.

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