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Guidelines to Fix a Location Unavailable Error in Android Device Manager

Guidelines to Fix a Location Unavailable Error in Android Device Manager

Android device manager is an excellent tool that helps you to protect the device with ease. You can keep the gadget secure as well as safe if you are using this facility. It happens many times that we keep the gadget to a particular place with an intention to collect it after a while but forget to collect. This is because the mind has been occupied due to some reason or maybe we are talking to someone else and forget everything about the gadget.  Isn’t it? This is a very common situation. Now what happens to the data in this case? Many among us prefer keeping important data on our gadgets. If someone else gets the access then we might lose the important data which is clearly an unwanted situation.

Android device manager is very helpful in this situation. It not only helps the user to locate the gadget but it can also assist you to remove the data completely if you do not find the gadget. It is certainly not a pleasant situation if you are forced to wipe out the data completely but it can at least save your very important data so that no one can misuse it. Android Device Manager is an excellent tool but still many people are not able to utilize the benefits as they do not know much about it. Users who do not like using it because of some technicalities may face some issue while utilizing the features first time. This tool will certainly help you if you are taking the right steps to utilize it.

A number of users get “location unavailable” error when they start using it. This may be irksome. Don’t you think so? Some simple steps can help you to avoid this “location unavailable” error. Do not forget to update the device regularly. The maker of your gadget offers regular updates. So keep the gadget updated to avoid any such issue. It is among the most basic steps. Here we are discussing another tip to avoid this issue.

Start internet on the device or use a Wi-Fi if possible. Wi-Fi can be a better option because it will help you to save the data. Moreover it can be faster than the other option. Keep the Wi-Fi On and choose “High Accuracy Mode” in locations. Make sure you have kept the Wi-Fi On even if you are using mobile data. Now go to “Settings” and then “Locations”. Here you will find “Mode” where you can select “High Accuracy”. Now after this step go to “Settings” and then “Applications”. Here you will get “All Apps”. Search for Google Play Services. Click here and clear Cache Memory. Use the newest version of Google Play Services. If you do not have the latest version then you have to update it immediately. Now reboot the device and go to Google Play Services. Clear the Cache memory and now start using Device Manager. It should solve the issue.

Experts say that many times people do not get the solution even after trying this step. We cannot deny that it can be a hardware issue in this case. So you have to contact the makers to get the solution in this case.

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