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15 Inch Edition of LG Gram Laptop Available for Sale

15 Inch Edition of LG Gram Laptop Available for Sale

LG Gram laptop which is considered to be among the best ultraportable model is now available for sale. There are two 15 inch models in this segment and they have some excellent features which are useful for most of the people. The ultra-thin model is now ready to compete with other major brands. Many experts have the opinion that LG is targeting MacBook users as they are offering similar kind of design with some beneficial features. Furthermore company is ready to offer this model with some striking deals.

The name of this model is LG Gram 15 and fundamentally these two models differ in terms of processors. This laptop has 1080p display and you can use USB-C connectivity here. The internal hardware of the gadget is fast enough to give excellent performance every time. The design of the gadget is attractive and company has utilized Magnesium alloy like other models to bring this product. Those who are looking for a laptop with supportive characteristics at the time of travelling can use this model.

The thickness of this laptop is 0.7 inches and the weight is just 2.2 pounds. LG Gram 15 is available in two models. Processors are different. These are Intel Core i5-6200U clocked at 2.3 GHz and Intel Core i7-6000U clocked at 2.5 GHz. These models have different storage capacities. Intel Core i5 model has 256GB storage capacity and you can utilize 8GB memory in this laptop. Intel Core i7 model has 512 GB storage capacity and buyers can utilize the same 8GB memory here.

These two models cannot be compared with high-end models like MacBook. However still it is very clear that they are not bad at all. They allow you to work without any difficulty. Hardware sections are powerful and they will not let you down with the performance. Both the models are loaded with high-quality integrated graphic card. Battery life is also decent. Experts are saying that the gadgets have the battery life of up to seven hours. Features like USB 3.0, microSD slot as well as microUSB are supportive enough to deliver first-rate output. Price of Core i5 version and Core i7 version starts with $1000 and $1500 respectively. You can check Fry’s, Amazon, and B&H to know more about the offers. LG recently brought these two models. Therefore if you want a new laptop then LG Gram laptop will not be a bad choice.

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