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Microsoft Brings Windows 10 Mobile Preview

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Preview

Microsoft recently brought Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14322. This new update has brought a number of improvements which can give a fresh experience to the users. Many sections like Cortana, Notifications as well as Edge got a new look with useful features. Therefore if you love using these sections then it can more valuable for you.  Sections like ‘settings’, ‘Edge’ etc. are appearing better. Therefore it is appearing to more user-friendly than before.


Check the Edge browser. Here users are getting some new characteristics. The lean appearance is highly useful through Edge now. You can easily close the additional tab by just pressing the back button in app which can certainly reduce the time of many users.

New Emojis Plus Lock Screen:-

This new update will also give you many new types of Emojis. Lock screen will have an enhanced media as well as camera controls. Therefore you can enjoy these new functions with ease. It is now very easy to start utilizing the camera app directly from the lock screen.

Many New Updates:-

There are a number of new characteristics in this update. Dictionary section has also been updated and the users can now receive the correct information every time. Spellings have been updated and the corrupted sections have been removed. This new arrangement is certainly looking awesome. There are some small updates also like Alarm is appearing better. Furthermore it is now not necessary to dismiss the notification if you are looking to receive the call.

Action Center:-

Action Center is also very easy to use now. Quick Actions can now be changed according to the requirement. You can now easily add or remove the functions you want which are very handy for most of the people. Images are appearing clearer than before. Notifications section can help you to check the details effortlessly.

Overall this new update is certainly adding more value to the device. You can utilize different functions without errors. Therefore we can say that the issues present in the previous build have now been removed. Check this update if you haven’t checked this before. There are chances that the latest settings are going to make your job much easier now. The quality of this new update will help you to make the full use of the gadget. There are now different methods available to generate Cortana reminders.

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