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Facebook Messenger includes Two New Features

Facebook Messenger includes Two New Features

Facebook messenger is among the top messaging apps in the world and this is certainly good news for all users. Company has rolled out a new update and this update has two new features which can be useful for many people. Social networking giant included video chat heads and dropbox support and most of the users will find it helpful. The update has arrived at a time when F8 conference is about to start. Therefore it is tough to ignore this development at this point of time.

Now if you are looking to share the Dropbox content through your Facebook Messenger then you can certainly do it. Access your Dropbox account and share the data through Messenger with ease. It is not tough to access Dropbox account to Facebook Messenger now. Just click the ‘more’ button and you will find the way to access Dropbox data. Photos and videos can be shared easily whereas other data can be accessed with the help of a link. Therefore you can share any data as per your wish. However one thing is important to mention here. Do not forget to install Dropbox on the device where you access Facebook Messsenger. The Dropbox data can be accessed with this feature and you can comfortably share any file according to your requirement.

The next feature is the availability of video chat heads. You may have noticed that Facebook provides a special chat head in Facebook Messenger. This chat head helps you to access the chat section comfortably as you just have to tap it to check the message. It floats on the screen. Now the same feature will be available for Video chatting also. You can have video chat heads. Therefore it will be very useful for you to access the chat immediately if you love doing video chats. The image will just appear as a bubble and you can check the video chat head easily. Now it will not roll all over the screen. Therefore you can easily access it without any difficulty.

Facebook Messenger app is loaded with a number of excellent features. The functions are user-friendly and it appears very attractive on screen. You can personalize the chat as per your wish. Moreover it has now Messenger Codes also which are extremely useful to access to connect immediately with different businesses. These two new features are currently available for Android users and it will soon appear in iOS platform also.

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