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Handy Features of Snapchat

Handy Features of Snapchat

Snapchat is not just about images only. You can do various other things with this platform. Snapchat is useful to make video calls. Moreover you can read news and utilize it for texting also. Recently this platform has increased the character limits for the images. Now you have more than double space for characters which you can include as captions for images. There are a number of new stickers available now which will make the chat more interesting than before. If you have noticed then Snapchat is regularly bringing some new updates. This update is increasing the capacity of this platform. Therefore you are getting a number of exhilarating features.

One of the most beneficial features is that face-to-face chatting is much better than the previous version. Check new version of Snapchat to know all the details. It will let you to enjoy the feature with ease. There are various user-friendly features available now and you can personalize the chat without any difficulty. It is more enjoyable now and the new functions are making the chat more exciting. Therefore users can now enjoy chatting with their gangs in an all-new way.

Snapchat allows you to send a video message if your friend is busy somewhere else. You can also use voicemail feature here to send the message. It is up to you how long you want to keep the snap. The maximum duration is 10 seconds but you can select the time as per your choice. Snapchat also helps you to save the images if you need. Many people think that we cannot save the images here. However the platform has provided the facility to save important images. Therefore it is surely a beneficial function. Furthermore it clearly tells that Snapchat is a constructive platform for many people. Do not forget to save the image before you send it to your friend.

You can also keep the size of the text as per your preference.  The T button helps the user to increase the size of the text. Simply type the text and hit the T button to enhance it. Here you will find the feature to change the size easily. The same function is beneficial to control the size of emojis also. Therefore we can say that Snapchat has a number of characteristics through which we can personalize the chat easily. This will add freshness and you will love using it.

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