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Best Android Apps of All Time

Best Android Apps of All Time

It’s quite difficult to look for the best android apps on Google Play Store as there are more then many, so we’re here to show you some of the all-time favorite android apps.

We use apps on our android devices let it be a smartphone or a tablet, there are countless apps available on the android market place to download that can be used in our daily smart life. From reading, photography, launchers to communication we have chosen some of the top best android apps in terms of their popularity, functionality, user rating & install numbers.

These are our best android apps of All time have a look if there’s one for you!

Best Android Apps for Communication

eBuddy Messenger

eBuddy works on all major social networks, which includes Facebook, MSN, Yahho1, ICQ, AIM (AOL), Gtalk (Orkut) and more. If you’re connected to an internet connection you’ll be getting all the updates from your favorite network.


Viber is famous for its free calls and messages. It’s a VoIP client which allows you to call and send text messages to all the contacts that are already using Viber.

Skype –

Wanna video chat with your contacts? Skype is the best one when comes to video chat. It also offer free IM so you can chat with your loved ones for free.

imo messenger –

This one does its job well enough. It’s a good IM client that supports most of the networks. imo messenger is super-fast and offers high quality voice calls.

Best Android Apps for Reading


The Amazon Kindle Fire is famous for its user experience and reliability. Download the Kindle app onto your android device if you want experience the greatness of Kindle Fire on your android.

AnkiDroid flashcard

You can download free decks for more than 6000 topics available around the globe. You can use your desktop app Anki or download it to your android smartphone.


This comes from the “Must Have” apps category recommended by many. With each TED talk, it provides you with 18min of speeches from famous personalities around the globe including Bill Gates, Jamie Oliver and many more.


Free app that lets you use Wikipedia and other wikis in an easy, smooth way and all that with a easy to use UI and many cool features.

Aldiko Book Reader

With Aldiko Book Reader for Android you can read books on your smartphones and tablets. Aldiko Book Reader has a simple and elegant UI which let you read your favorite book in ease. You can access thousands of free books directly onto android mobile.

Best Android Apps for Launchers

Apex Launcher

It’s simply the best launcher app available on the Google Play. It has many configuration and customization options by which you can set a customized look for your android device.

Go Launcher EX

Customize the animation, rename the application, group your apps in a folder, change icons and their size and many more options, if you want to do all these feature onto your android go and get yourself a GO Launcher.


This application is designed to sort and organize your apps and with a gesture you can access them.

Nova Launcher

It’s extremely smooth and fast. With great themes available and many customization features it can be the one you need to have it on your android smartphone.

Wave Launcher

Wave Launcher has a different look and offers similar features like SwipePad, just swipe and can access your favorite apps.

Best Android Apps for Photography

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt let you import photos from your phone gallery, Google+, Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr and more social networks. It allows you add so many filters to your images. It surely a must have app.


Take photos through Camera360 on your android, manage photos, edit them, make composites and share them with your friends. All this can be done with Camera360.


It’s one the best android apps made for editing your snaps. This app has a great power in transforming a simple photograph into an awesome image. Experience the extraordinary app for making some high quality photos.


Instagram is a combination of social media network and a photo editing app that let you edit your photos with many filters available and then publish it with your friends.


Vignette is one those apps that has some awesome filters and effects by which you’ll be able to edit your photos. It allows you to put a location onto your photo and a 10x digital zoom feature allow you zoom in more than what your basic camera offers.

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