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WhatsApp Voice Messaging Feature

WhatsApp Voice Messaging Feature

Voice Messaging Feature in WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the pioneering apps, which provided its users with the facility of leaving not only messages, but also pictures to their friends chat

WhatsApp now includes voice messaging feature, something that people wanted from WhatsApp from quite a long time. WhatsApp is one of the pioneer messaging apps in smartphone industry, as it enabled users to get messages and pictures from their contacts, which they sent when the user was offline. This totally changed the concept of messengers.

WhatsApp Voice Messaging Feature Takes it One Step Closer to Viber

Although, WhatsApp came in the market before Viber. However, Viber took the game ahead of WhatsApp by having the free call facility. Even though WhatsApp has more active users than Viber, these users were expecting something close to a free call for WhatsApp for quite a long time. This new Voice Messaging Feature by this app, even though isn’t a complete replacement but will definitely add some value to the app.

How to Use This Voice Messaging Feature in WhatsApp

This new voice messaging feature is quite similar to Facebook Messenger. It allows you to record a short audio clip and send it to another user. Sending the message is also quite simple. All you have to do is to press the record button. Once you release this button, the message is on its way to another user. Once the user on the other end receives and listens to your message, the blue microphone besides the recording in the conversation lights up, informing you that your message has been received and heard. Also, another good thing about this voice messaging feature is that you don’t have to worry about the time limit. There is no time limit on messages, and fumbled messages are easy to delete just on a single swipe across the message onscreen.

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