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Top 5 Ways to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Top Ways to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Writing articles for different sites is guest blogging. Usually you do it to attract more traffic towards your site. It is basically a win-win situation for both the site owner and you as a Guest blogger. This is an opportunity to build and grow your network which in turn helps your business. In other words, Guest Blogging is the technique opted by the bloggers to enhance blog traffic. This technique provides a chance to the blogger to present himself in front of already established audience. Guest Blogging benefits when the blogger does it right.
These are top five ways to tap Guest Blogging opportunities:

Aim Big

A blogger must always search for the bigger blogs than own blog, for getting good results. The main reason behind this is the audience size will be bigger for a big blog. The blogs which are big and prestigious have more number of blogger fighting for the posts. The owners of the blog however select the one with the excellent opportunities. However Blogger should be aware of his capabilities and should not aim too big.

Get Benefit of Own Contacts

The blogger should try to find out those people who have been in talking terms with him. Remember, there isn’t anything like being very close to Blog owner will only work. The blogger should search through his contact list and search out for the blog owners. He should maintain a cordial relation with them and ask to post on their websites. It is always feasible to use this technique as it is easier to convince those we know.

Follow the Industry Juggernauts

The blogger can just find the websites by going through the blogroll of those bloggers who are the dominant players in this Industry. There is a page mostly found in professional blogs which contains some useful links. There are chances that the blog owners of these big blogs get convinced by knowing that how blogger found them. A blogger however should not try to become too familiar.

Use Search Engines

The three sites which can help to find out new blog opportunities are Google+, Topsy and Bing. The site Topsy goes through the social web for the trending topics. The blogger can find out new blog opportunities by searching for “guest post” and then keeping the search limited to only articles which have been shared within the recent months. This can be helpful for the blogger to find the opportunities before the competition.

Google+ is more useful in a way that it provides more search results than Topsy which simply means that it can generate even more guest blogging opportunities for the blogger. The is a site which is very widely used for searching guest blogging opportunities. The last but no way the least is Bing. Every month around 165 million searches are done on Bing. One thing worth noting in the Bing is that it ranks the search result different from Google+.

Search the Platforms

Often the Blogger will find various platforms which do a suitable match. The blogger just needs to feed details into these platforms and it will be matched up with suitable blogs. There are no promises or guarantees that such platforms will help the blogger to find the exact opportunity but to an extent, yes platforms help.

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