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Google Apps vs. Office 365: which one is better?

Google Apps vs. Office 365 which one is better

From a development level both Office 365 and Google Apps have gone through recently, making a sensible decision and select the best one seems like an extremely complex endeavor. At this point, it’s rather daunting to decide which of the two ‘office clouds’ is better, and there are numerous factors to take into account, particularly because we’re talking about the reputation two renowned organizations. Nevertheless, to help you make a decision, let us have a closer look at some characteristics.

Productivity applications

Both Office 365 and Google Apps are famous for their productivity suite applications. They include presentation, spreadsheet software, and processing. These apps are known out there as Google apps and Office Web Apps. Both of them have extra tools meant to accompany the applications meant to promote and design the ideal of boosted office output. Google Apps includes drawing apps, while Office 365 has a web-based version of the OneNote software.

When it comes to development, both Microsoft and Google have put a great emphasis on creating spreadsheet documents, word processor and presentation features for the two programs. Google has been concentrating on expanding what Microsoft managed to build with its office desktop software program for several years now. Hence, it was able to create a rather simple yet extremely innate interface for productivity software users.

Microsoft has decided to take a similar approach of the matter; however, it doesn’t support all learning curves. It decided to reduce specific parts and even advanced features on its newly released Office 2010. Cloud and Microsoft desktop versions of the office software are almost the same. Selecting the Office Web Apps is much like investing in a more affordable model of the exact same car, without the leather seating, sunroof, fast engine, and extra adds-on.

Each of the two productivity applications will be able to get things done, which means that 99% of all work done using the programs can be accomplished with either set of apps. Still, there’s 1% left and in this situation the program left behind is Google Apps. Office Web Apps allows users to integrate with their other desktop programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, even when it comes to creating VBA programs.

Document management

When it comes to document management, we’re talking about more than just creating spreadsheets and word processors. There are plenty of obligations you need to undertake to manage your documents properly. Regarding to what we have available on Google Docs/Google Apps and Office Web Apps/Office 365, we should mention a first, major feature: sharing documents with peers, employees, friends, and so on. Some other elementary attributes are:

  1.        ability to modify documents offline
  2.        cloud synchronization
  3.        document search and navigation
  4.        document exporting/importing
  5.        document versioning/revisions

Plenty of company users do their tasks in teams. They’re demanded to share documents with their co-workers but they must also collaborate with them and get those documents completed in real-time. Both Office 365 and Google Apps allow users to co-author documents, collaborate, and share documents. For some people, the different between the two programs is just a matter of personal preference.

Document Management

Google Docs features a straightforward approach to cooperation and sharing, while Office 365 considers that it’s much more important to prevent two people from modifying the same document at the same time. Document syncing, office editing, and importing and exporting documents are 3 of the most used features of the two programs. Document search and navigation are often taken for granted when they shouldn’t.

When it comes to document revision, the feature is commonly known as the general act of keeping old versions of the same document with the possibility to revise the whim and allow the user to comprehend the main difference each and every version of that file. Despite the fact that both Office Web Apps and Google Docs files have enough methods to track an extended history of file revisions, any versioning attributes is totally missing. This can only come in handy to proficient users like web developers; however it’s something that may deepen the dispute for relocating to the cloud. To conclude, it could be stated that all users will have to begin using CVS.

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