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Best Services To Send Large Files

Best Services To Send Large Files

If you are looking into sending files to another person, then you could do far worse than sending the file or files via email. Most modern email services are secure and pretty reliable. However, if you wish to send a larger file then you should consider one of the services below. If you try to send a large file via email then there is a large chance you will hit the sending limit and not be allowed to send the message.

Most email systems are not stable enough to allow you to send large files, as the files stop uploading if there is a slight bump in the road (at which point you have to start again). Here are some services that allow you to send large files to other people.


Tonsho - Send Large Files You can send a file that is up to one hundred megabytes with this service. You attach the file to an email and send it to the other persons email address. It allows you to send your file to multiple people at one time, but it will email them separately in order to try and keep you out of their junk mail folder.


Hotmail Skydrive

Best Services To Send Large Files - msSkyDriveThis is a cloud system that comes with the Hotmail emailing service. Instead of attaching large files to your emails and having to wait forever for it to upload, you can upload the file to your Skydrive. You then attach the access to your Skydrive to a message, including what you wish to give access to. The recipient of the email will be able to download your file from the Skydrive cloud system.



Best Services To Send Large Files - Send6You can use this service without registering if you only want to send one hundred megabytes of information. It also allows you to track the file that you send. If you would like to send a bigger file then you can sign up for one of their paid accounts and send it via their SEND6 service. Their paid service has security protocols to help protect your information. The paid service also allows you to build an address book, to brand your service and to store information online.





Best Services To Send Large Files - pandoThis is a little bit like an emailing service for big person-to-person file transfers. You send you file by entering the recipients email address into an app that you must install onto your mac or Windows PC. The app is free and is only small. It is very easy to use, and is very flexible with the types of files it allows you to send. The recipient must also have the app installed on their computer so that they can receive the file. The transfer is fairly quick, allowing you to send files as quickly as your Internet connection will allow.




Best Services To Send Large Files - YouSendItThis service has different subscriptions that you can take up in order to tailor the service to your file sending needs. It comes with desktop applications and/or plugins, and your subscription can be tailored to the types of files you wish to send. There is a free subscription that you can try, but its use is limited, in that it only allows occasional sending.



Best Services To Send Large Files - SendthisfileThis service allows you to send large files via email, and it allows you to do it for free. It claims that there is no file size too big for you to send, although there is probably a fair use limit in there somewhere. They also offer a paid service that allows you to use a number of different tools so that you can brand you files.

This service allows you to receive or send large files, and the paid version has a few tools to help you to do this on a larger scale (to and from more people at a time, etc). Unlike other file emailing systems, there is no virus scanning, so if you are receiving files then you need to be sure you trust the sender. It also does not have secure sending protocols, so it is not good for sending large amounts of sensitive information. There is also a six day limit with regards to when a recipient may access the file. Once the six days is up then the file is deleted.

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