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Microsoft may Unveil Surface Phones in 2017

Microsoft may Unveil Surface Phones in 2017

Microsoft now getting ready to unveil their Surface models in 2017 and it will be a new series by the company after Lumia. Surface models will come under the premium category as this model may have some high-quality functions which we expect in a high-end gadget. This information is complete differently from some previous reports. Many industry people were expecting something different from the company. They have their own views about surface models. According to some industry specialists, company may look to improve the position of Lumia before entering into any other segment. However it seems that Microsoft has already decided to enter into the next segment.

Some leaked reports are giving a clear indication that Microsoft is planning to bring three models under this category. These models will have different price sections and the apps can be such that it may encourage masses to use new Windows models again. You may have the option to choose regular, customer, and business category models. Therefore it can have all the important options to choose your model.

This development indicates that Microsoft wants to end their struggle to push Lumia models. The fact is that Lumia models didn’t attain much success. Android and iOS models are not giving any chance to any other platform to grow. Therefore Microsoft is definitely planning something new to improve their position. You may be well-aware of Surface laptops by Microsoft. The price-tag of these laptops is the talking point of the industry. Therefore it will be very interesting to see how company is going to manage their smartphone category with the same brand. It is almost certain that Microsoft will definitely try to bring something innovative with this platform. However the response of the market will be the first thing to check here as it will not be an easy task for them to challenge Android and iOS.

Microsoft did a lot to make Lumia a successful brand but company didn’t get any return. The brand just helped them to waste their time. Now company is not that much interested to push it further and looking to change their strategy. We cannot deny with the fact that Microsoft may like bringing the kind of model which may be different from iOS and Android. Therefore only time will tell how they will bring the new brand and which features can make them different from other platforms.

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