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Microsoft Offers Up to $150 Discount on Select Surface Models

Microsoft Offers Up to $150 Discount on Select Surface Models

Microsoft Surface tablets are very popular in many countries. However the price-tag of this gadget prevents many users to go for it. Now it seems that company is planning to increase their customer base as they are well aware of the current condition of the market. Company has brought a special two day offer and if you are a Microsoft Surface lover then this information can certainly be exciting for you.

You can now save up to $150 in select Surface models. Therefore now you can have a chance to grab the high-end model. Customers have two days to grab the offer. Microsoft is offering this special discount on Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. One of the best things is that the offer is available on i5 as well as i7 model. You can visit the official Microsoft Surface Store or Amazon where you can check the special Microsoft page to know the complete details about it.

The official reports are saying that the current price during this weekend is the lowest till date. Company has also apologized for an issue that some people faced in December last year. There was a bug which some users experienced in December 2015. Company claims that the update offered in February solved the issue.

Now according to the latest price Surface Pro 4 with 8GB RAM, 256GB storage capacity and Intel Core i5 processor will cost $1149 only. The actual price is $1299. Therefore the discount can certainly assist you to save your money. The same segment has an i7 model also. The new price will be $1449 in place of $1500.

Further Surface Book will also cost less like Surface Pro 4. You have the chance to save $100 in Intel core i5 model. The original price is $1899 whereas the discounted price will be $1799 only. Moreover if you are looking for the model loaded with Intel Core i7 model then you can get $100 discount. Surface models are undoubtedly a strong brand into the marketplace. You can get high-quality functions here. They are like two-in-one gadget which can work comfortably like a tablet as well as laptop. Microsoft is now slowly and steadily increasing their base in hardware section also. They are now ready to shed their image as a software giant only because they are moving ahead to become an overall technological giant.

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