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Latest Rumours Related to Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Latest Rumours Related to Samsung Galaxy Note 6

A few days ago we told you that Samsung is planning to bring their next flagship model ‘Galaxy Note 6’ in July. Now some other related reports are also coming out about this model. ‘Note’ is a flagship Galaxy series by Samsung and they are very popular throughout the globe. They are as popular as ‘S’ series everywhere. Samsung always prefer bringing this model through a special event. There are just a few months now and we will see this gadget into the marketplace. It will arrive a little before next ‘iPhone’. Therefore market is eager to see how Samsung will try capturing the market this time because Apple has their own plans to promote their next model. Here we are discussing a few things about Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

Some latest reports are claiming that the next ‘Note’ model can have IP68 certification. Now what does that mean? This certification will prove that the gadget can stay protected from dust as well as water. This will be very similar to the feature available in Galaxy S7. It will help the gadget to withstand strongly if kept up to 1.5m of water. The time limit is 30 minutes in this case. This feature will be very useful because you need not have to worry about harsh weather conditions. The smartphone can easily handle some unwanted circumstances. Therefore it is going to be very helpful for many people.

Many industry experts are also talking about one more feature. Samsung Galaxy Note 6 can also have an iris scanner. This new technology has the capability of removing fingerprint scanner. The gadget is expected to have an Aluminium design to give complete protection. Some reports are claiming that Samsung may bring a new glass design but it is unlikely at present because the design is expected to remain same like last time. However there will be no compromise with the new software. We will definitely see some new software. Therefore the gadget will surely offer some more power which we can use in our day to day life.

We discussed a few days ago that Samsung is planning to launch this model in July. People close to the industry are saying that Samsung may bring this model with 5.8 inch display. The gadget can have small bezels. Company may include a 4GB RAM here but many people are saying that it can have a 6GB RAM.

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