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Alcatel Set to Launch Xess on April 22nd

Alcatel Set to Launch Xess on April 22nd

Alcatel is slowly and steadily increasing its footprint into the market. Recently they showed “Alcatel Xess” in CES event held in January. They were calling this model as Xess slate at that time but it seems that company has decided to drop “Slate” from the name. Alcatel has decided to bring the gadget in collaboration with TCL.

Alcatel Xess is a big tablet due to which it becomes almost a PC. The model is different from other tablets because makers are planning to launch it as a home appliance. This will be the kind of tablet which can control other household electrical devices. This function will make the gadget different from others. Experts have the opinion that the model can work as an entertainment device and a kitchen hub at the same time. It is an all-in-one device beneficial to handle different devices at home. The feature is going to encourage many people to go for this gadget.

The tablet has some preloaded apps useful in kitchen. You can get some new recipes. Moreover a number of functions will help you to get the new recipes with ease. This is not all. The gadget will also have some preloaded entertainment apps. Therefore you can get an entertainment source for the whole family. There are different types of programs available in this device which kids will definitely like to watch. One of the unique functions is the availability of in-box IP camera. This facility will help you to know what your kids are doing in other room. You can also check if they are in Kitchen or somewhere else.

Alcatel Xess is loaded with 1.5 GHz octa-core MediaTek processor. This tablet will have dual 3-watt JBL speakers. The full-HD resolution will certainly assist you to get an excellent display every time. Screen-size is 17.3 inches and the tablet is loaded with an influential 9600 mAh battery. This is certainly very beneficial for many users. The gadget is also not bad in terms of storage power. You can get 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal capacity. You can also add up to 64GB microSD card to increase the storage capacity. The display resolution of 1920*1080 pixels is supportive to use it easily for different purposes. The launch date is April 22nd and the price of the gadget will start from $499 only. The design of the device is portable. So you will not face any issue while using it as per your requirement.

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