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HP Brings the Thinnest Laptop

HP Brings the Thinnest Laptop

HP is one of the biggest technological giant and recently they announced a new laptop. This hi-tech powerhouse from The USA is claiming that this laptop is the thinnest in the world. The name of this laptop is HP Spectre and experts are saying that it is as thin as ‘AAA’ battery. It is vital to check this claim thoroughly before we come to the conclusion. Apple is well-known to bring thin MacBook models. They usually bring laptops which are among the thinnest into the marketplace. Two of their MacBook models are highly successful. The thickest point of MacBook is 0.52 inches whereas MacBook Air is of 0.68 inches. However if you compare these two models with HP Spectre then you will certainly feel the difference. The thickest point of HP Spectre is 0.41 inches. It clearly shows the difference.

This laptop is based on 6th generation Intel core i5 and i7 processors. The storage capacity is 512GB SSD whereas the model has 8GB LDDR3 RAM. The laptop has HD screen and the screen-size is 13.3 inches. Display of this laptop is well-protected with Corning Gorilla Glass and you can use it comfortably outside. Company has designed the laptop in such a way that you will get premium appearance all the time. It has been designed with the combination of carbon fibre and copper. Therefore the gaze becomes appealing.

This laptop will have 3 Type-C USB I/O ports. The All-Aluminium chassis make the gadget a premium category device. Apple is known to bring premium category devices. Therefore most probably HP wants to keep their name in that category. They want to be known as innovators who bring premium category models. This laptop comes in that segment. It will not let down the users with its performance. The pre-order of this 13.3 inch gadget will start from April 25th. The price will start from $1169.99 only.

HP has included Intel hyperbaric cooling system in this gadget. Therefore you need not have to worry about overheating related issues. The overall design is certainly eye-catching and it will keep the machine different from other makers. The keys have been placed perfectly here and the backlit keyboard is big enough to utilize it at ease. The stereo speakers are excellent whereas trackpad works brilliantly. A 3.5 mm headphone socket is supportive to utilize media files. Overall if you are looking for a premium laptop then HP Spectre should be on the top of your list.

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