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Benefits of VoIP for Companies

Benefits of VoIP for Companies

Communication is made easier with VoIP. Over this medium you can make calls and send messages over the internet. You can improve your company’s profit margins by using VoIP to hold your corporate conferences. This article will explain the advantages of VoIP and why it should be a necessity for every company. It is hard for business to ignore the advantages of a VoIP system as they have become so obvious.

No Travel Costs – Cut back

Almost immediately you will get a return on investment because a VoIP unit will last you several years. Travelling to meetings can be an expense that can be hard for some companies to financially justify. As you won’t need to travel when using VoIP you will save both money and time. So by using VoIP you will remove any expenses that accompany travel. Research has stated that VoIP can be used to hold most business meetings. A VoIP system will almost always cost less than your annual spend on travel. When speaking to someone on VoIP it will seem like you’re sitting next to them. The current economic conditions have made it difficult for some companies to maintain profits. Your company may find that VoIP is the way forward as there can be an extravagant cost associated with travelling to meetings. The people travelling will still need to be paid and their expense will also need to be covered.

Better Proficiency

You are almost always guaranteed that an error in communication will occur when your team members are working from different locations. E-mail and phone generally are not the best ways to communicate. Quicker decisions can be made with VoIP and therefore your company’s productivity will be increased. A phone conversation alone can make it difficult to tell what mood the person you’re speaking to is in. Tasks get completed quicker when there is good communication. Audio-visual calls are now available on most VoIP systems. When we can see the person we’re speaking to, better communication naturally occurs.

Enhanced Employment

You don’t need to bring every job candidate to your offices. So initially you can find out each candidate’s suitability for the position by using VoIP. Other decision makers can see the interview if you get permission from the applicant to record it. So, managers don’t need to be physically present at an interview to be involved in the recruitment process.

Staff Holding

Giving a company phone to all your employees can be expensive. However, companies can more likely to retain their staff by giving them remote access to work from home. Dissatisfaction levels with the balance between work and home life stands at 84%. This was from a survey compiled by the Corporate Executive Board of 50,000 employees. The commute to the office that employees face every day has been revealed as the number one reason why people resign from their jobs. VoIP can by employees to contact their managers when working from home. Most people have Skype on their laptops.

Interactive Capacity

This is what allows us see whether our friends are offline are online, send messages, make video calls and send pictures. Rich media ability is possible because of additional procedures and application on VoIP. You can use VoIP on a number of different devices meaning that you have a number of media choices. Therefore, a new market has been opened to the communications trade. VoIP calls are now able to take place on mobile phones. However, this always advancing equipment is merely making customers more challenging. When fax first came to light that was thought of an advanced phone, so it may be hard for some people to believe that there was a time when telephones could only make phone calls.

Telephone Movability

Keeping your number the same is important for many business people. Anywhere you go you can keep the identical number if you have a VoIP enabled phone. This would be appropriate for those who regularly travel as part of their business duties. Quite often telephone numbers need to be changed when you move into a new building. So your phone number can be retained with VoIP.

Competitive Advantage

We are more likely to trust someone when we can see them. Companies are now commonly being phoned by customers on Skype and other VoIP applications. Your company’s phone calls can incorporate VoIP to gain the competitive advantage.

Ecological Initiatives

Since you won’t need to travel as much your will reduce your carbon emissions. A VoIP can now be included if you report on your corporate social responsibility.

When purchasing a VoIP system, keep these points in mind:

  • A broadband internet connection is needed for VoIP to work at full capacity
  • Where you will be keeping the VoIP system
  • The amount of people that will be taking part in the calls
  • Where you will be using it

Entry Phone ArrivalBellMerger

Your phone can be used to let people into the building. A VoIP phone can have the bell for your door incorporated in it. So if you don’t like getting up to let people into the building this this could be the perfect option for you.

Call Diversion

When you’re out of the office, your other phones can have your calls from certain numbers diverted to them. So any numbers you haven’t approved will be directed to your voicemail straight away.

Transcribe Voicemails to Email

Your voicemails can be duplicated and sent to your email address. VoIP can now transcribe your voicemails and send them to your email address. Now you don’t need to panic to write down phone numbers and addresses.

Song on Hold

When you place a caller on hold, you can have background music playing when you using a VoIP system. When someone is on hold the last thing they want to hear is silence.

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