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Martian Watch: A Bluetooth enabled smartwatch let things done via voice

Martian Watch A Bluetooth enabled smartwatch let things done via voice

Martian Watch lets you voice control your smartphone. A feature that isn’t available in rest of the smartwatches

Smartwatch helps you to get all the notifications, while your Smartphone rests in the pocket. Martian Watch just looks like a regular wrist watch we all are used to wear, but it gives you the power to talk to it with Siri or the Google Now. Siri and Google Now makes a lot of sense on a smartwatch, but as of now, we have come across no other smart watch equipped with this feature. Martian Watch by far is the first smartwatch having Google Now and Siri integrated with it.

Martian Watch is compatible with both iOS and Android

The Martian Watch design has a classic vintage 60’s wrist watch look and doesn’t seem like a high tech smartwatch in the first glance. It has normal clock with hours and minutes on top and when you give it a close look, you will find a  small horizontal display on the bottom as well. Martian Watch works perfectly with iPhone 4S or later models, as well as an Android phone with android 4.1 or higher.

Martian Watch Review

You can pair your Martian through Bluetooth. Afterwards, you can access App Store(iOS) or Play Store on your Android and download a Martian Alerts app to toggle the settings and notifications. The app provides you with tutorials and FAQs, in case you aren’t able to understand its settings. The notifications you get will make your Martian vibrate, and you will get the alert on the horizontal screen on the watch. Obviously you have the liberty to configure which notifications you want to get on your Martian, all with the help of the app you installed on your smartphone.

You can address your Maritan as you address your smartphone.  You just need to press the upper left button on the watch to activate virtual voice assistant on your phone and start talking to do whatever you want on your phone like making calls or answering your text messages. To answer call you have to press the upper left button, and if want to reject, just press the bottom one on the left. Simple isn’t it?

Martian Watch

Martian Watch also supports gestures and has an impressive battery life

Martian Watch supports gestures in order to reject a call. It comes with noise cancelling mic and speaker sounds the clearest as you’re talking on the speaker phone. The battery life looks fine as it takes you to the second day before you plug it into the wall socket. Martian Watch can charge via normal USB cable, which is included in the package.

We believe that the price tag of the device is a little high as its available at $300. In our opinion, it should be around $150-$200, as it doesn’t provide many other features that can be found on other smartwatches. However, on the flip side, we do believe that the price would definitely be justified to those of us, who are in need of a voice control smartwatch like Martian.

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