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iPad Air vs MacBook Air: Which One Suits You Best

iPad Air vs MacBook Air Which One Suits You Best

We bring you the  comparison of two Apple products iPad Air vs Macbook Air to choose the best for yourself. Are you confused to choose between Apple’s New iPad Air and MacBook Air? We’ll help to choose the one which suits you the best. Here we go!

iPad Air vs Macbook Air

Apple has come up with two different products with the end term “Air”. One is the MacBook Air running on the latest generation Intel Haswell processors, and the other one is the all new iPad Air running on the custom built Apple A7 chipset.

Macbook Air has keyboard and runs on OS X while the iPad Air has a multi-touch screen powered by iOS 7. Both of the devices are ultra light, thin and have long lasting batteries. Both the devices can be used in office or at home, but do you have the idea, which one is best for you?

iPad Air vs Macbook Air: Screen Size and Display Quality

iPad Air comes with a 4:3 9.7” LED Retina display with 2048×1536 of resolution, 264ppi and an IPS screen technology for better viewing angles. On the other hand MacBook Air has a 16:9 11.6” standard display and 135ppi. Unfortunately Apple didn’t include the Retina display into the MacBook Air product line. The display is LED but not an “in-plane switching” IPS technology. As compared to which Macbook Air has a larger display comapratively to the iPad Air.

iPad Air

iPad Air vs Macbook Air: Processor Strength and Battery Life

Macbook Air has an Intel Core i5 Haswell processor with Intel HD Graphics 5000. The 11.6” MacBook Air gives you upto 9 hours of wireless web use, upto 8 hours of iTunes video playback and upto 30 days battery life if on standby.

On the other hand, iPad Air comes with an Apple a7 chipset with a cutom 64-bit ARMv8 based cyclon CPU and a PowerVR Series 6 “Rogue” GPU. It also includes the Apple M7 motion coprocessor. Apple’s iPad Air works for upto 10 hours for wireless web user or video playback.

Macbook Air iOS 7

Ports & Expansion

The port on iPad Air can be connected to non-powered cameras and SD cards to retrieve data from one device to another. It can also be conneted to HDMI and VGA displays. iPad Air cannot connect to the expansion storage through its port. But one can use cloud storage facility like DropBox, skyDrive, Google Drive or iCloud on iPad Air, if there’s a need for more storage.

The MacBook 11.6” has two USB ports with one Thunderbolt port. So you can use it for anything like a normal PC.

Shoud you get iPad Air?

iPad Air is made for the people who love to use the modern technology and are reluctant to use the traditional computers, which has the particular keyboard and mousepad on it (external Keyboard can be attachted). Buy iPad Air if You like an absolute lightest computer experience on the go. You can work on it in the office or use it for playing games in your free hours. You can achieve intesive computing tasks in more highy portable way with iPad Air.

While Macbook Air 11.6” is desgined for the people who like to work  or require a traditional way of computing, and find it quite hard to work on the tablets in their offices or home. Like to work on 27” Thunderbolt display at work or at home? Then Macbook Air is the right choice for you.

Still confused?

Some people are computer-first and need a laptop to work on, and many out there are mobile-first who like portablity and work on the go. Which one are you? Do you want to buy your desired product? Check out the prices mentioned below for iPad Air and MacBook Air 11 inches.

MacBook Air 11.6” starts from $999 for 1.3GHz i5 with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of Storage on Apple Store, while on Amazon you get the same product on $948 which saves you $50. Want the high specs version? It will cost you $1199 adding 256GB storage option to it on Apple Store but on Amazon you get the MacBook Air with 256GB storage at $1139.98 and saves you $59.02.

You can get iPad Air at $499 for 16GB version and add $100 more if you’re planing to buy thr 32GB version of the iPad Air on Apple Store.

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