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How to sell your products on Facebook

Sell Your Products on Facebook

A great way for additional income is to create a business that can be run with a flexible time. One of the much-loved businesses is a business online by utilizing social media for example facebook. Sell any of your product on facebook now a pretty good idea because it can be carried anywhere and anytime without limitation of time and place.

Well, in order to make stores selling well in facebook, then you need to do some strategies that can lure consumers that want to shop at your place. What are the strategies?

Below is how to maximize the facebook to sell.

  1. Advantages of your Fanpage.

If you want to sell via facebook then create a page related to your product or store, increase fanspage. Fanspages boost to sell, because liking is not limited in this page.

  1. Planning content.

If you really willing to do business via facebook, make a plan. Update your status at regular basis; you should know that good status is heart of facebook. In addition to selling, you can fill in the content, such as containing tips, quotes, interesting pictures, as well as a variety of helpful articles, tips, tricks and tutorials. The goal is that consumers or followers do not get bored with our posts containing merchandise products.

  1. Take advantage from schedule content status of Facebook.

In order for posts according to plan you can take advantage of features updates scheduled for easy status updates. This feature is an automatic scheduler feature provided by facebook and functions facilitate the process of updating the status.

  1. Use Facebook Ads.

Use Facebook Ads feature at affordable prices to increase the number of likes of fanspage. By using Facebook Ads is very useful to advertise the products that we sell to a target market that is segmented.

  1. Increase “like” of your post.

The number of “likes” is our prospective customers. The great “like” the greater the potential consumers who want to buy our products. So, focus to enlarge “like”.

  1. Interactive with fans.

Do not forget to interactive with our fans. Make the conversation, such as answering the question. Conversations like this, it is important to build relationships with prospective customers. Remember; try the slowest response of at least 12 hours.

  1. Merchandise.

If you want to promote products to sell, use banner page and the status of the picture. Ensure that if there is a promotional product, a picture or poster should be clear and accompanied by contact information.

  1. Consistent.

It is important in the strategy of selling through facebook is consistency for status updates. You can do as much as 4-6 status updates per day.

  1. Benchmark.

Do not forget to do measurements on a regular basis from your fanspage. You can find its location in the upper right (view insight). Here you can measure the amount of growth in fans, reach (reach), demographic, viral, and effectiveness of the state.

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