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10 Tips to use Twitter for Social Media Marketing

10 Tips to use Twitter for Social Media Marketing

Twitter and Social Media Marketing go hand in hand. Twitter is one of the top social media networks, from where you can get yourself heard pretty easily by following a right social media marketing strategy.

Having a professional social media marketing account on Twitter is nothing new today. In fact, most of the local and online businesses now have their own Twitter and other social media accounts for online marketing. However, it is not an easy job to get yourself heard on Twitter, when you are already aware of the fact that there can be thousands of other businesses offering the same thing like you. Still, you might have really good chance, if you follow the tips for a better social media marketing strategy on Twitter.

10 Tips to use Twitter

10 Tips for a better social media marketing campaign on Twitter

  1. Don’t put hash tags within the message. It would be better if you can put it at the end. The message in your tweet should be clean. Putting hash tags at the end would be really good as your message will be easy to read and your hash tag will give you an edge in search results.
  2. Never write the typical online language with incomplete and code words in your tweet. If you want to be heard in the professionals, then act like one. We know that 140 characters are not a lot when you want to share something really fascinating, but learning the way to write it all in 140 characters will have a good impact on your output. Also, 140 characters mean that you can create a good mystery and excitement in your Tweet, and you can seduce the reader to follow the link you would have mentioned in your tweet.
  3. Don’t be over smart by guessing hash tags yourself. Like if you are a tech enthusiast like me, don’t write #theBestTechnologyNewsOfTheDay. It won’t make any sense and is just a waste of precious character space. However, just by writing #tech at the end will make you reach thousands of readers.
  4. Use Hashtags.org to get the analytics about the most searched hash tags at different timings around the globe. Search all the possible hash tags related to your tweet and use the best hash tags.
  5. A good way of getting more readers is by getting loyal followers. Tweet people with similar interests and mention them in your tweet, ask them to follow you. Most of them will definitely follow.
  6. Don’t forget to interact with followers. Don’t make them feel like they are following a robot. Human interaction is the key to success.
  7. Interact on other tweets and be of a little help.
  8. Reply to Q&A tweets and help other people.
  9. Interact with similar tweets of other people with a good number of following.
  10. Have a good profile and use the best timings for best hash tags. Keep on tweeting about certain ever lasting at different times of different days.

Running a good Twitter Social Media Marketing campaign is difficult but not Impossible.

Remember that these tips will not make your traffic reach a million in a day. Every follower, re-tweet and favourite is important. Follow these tips with consistency and you will reap the benefits in a months time. Do let us know in the comments about your views, opinions and tips for better social media marketing on Twitter.

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