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Foldable Samsung Smartphone May Arrive in 2017

Foldable Samsung Smartphone May Arrive in 2017

Samsung is ready to take the next giant step in smartphone industry. They started with black heavy models many years ago and now they are the top Android gadget makers of the market. They regularly brought different kind of models that shaped the smartphone industry we see these days. Now the makers are planning to change the way we use smartphone at the present time. This step can be massive and it will undoubtedly change the industry once again.

Sources close to the industry are saying that Samsung is regularly testing some new kinds of models. One of them is foldable smartphone and there are chances that we may see the first foldable smartphone in 2017. Currently no big maker is offering this kind of model. If Samsung becomes the first to bring this kind of smartphone then it will surely inspire others to bring similar kinds of models.

There is no doubt that many of us do not like purchasing a tablet because the screen-size is very big. It is not easy to carry a tablet frequently outside because the screen-size is huge. Many of us like using big screen models but avoid purchasing it as it is tough to hold the gadget on regular basis. Some reports are giving a hint that Samsung knows this issue very well and they are planning to bring a solution for it.

Industry specialists are saying that Samsung is working on a special kind of smartphone that folds in two and it may appear like a book. Company is internally calling this project as ‘Smartlet’ and they are working on it from last three years. Now the research is about to finish and they may start the mass production somewhere in third quarter of this year. Company is planning to bring this model next year. The tests have already been completed in China and the chances are high that the gadget will be announced by the end of this year. Currently Samsung is designing many other models. It didn’t give them chance to complete the required works to start the mass production. However the way is clear now and Samsung is working regularly on this model to bring the gadget in 2017. There is no doubt that industry will eagerly wait for this gadget because it will truly be a new kind of model. The development of foldable OLED will start a new era in smartphone industry.

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