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How to Boost Wifi Signal for Better Browsing

Boost Wifi Signal for Better Browsing

You often or never experienced circumstances where the Internet does not run properly in your android devices. It is a sign that you may experience a ‘poor’ Wi-Fi connection. For Android devices that have a weak battery is certainly this is an issue. Poor Wi-Fi can happen anywhere, ranging from buildings with thick walls, or Wi-Fi signal is bad. But now no need to worry, because I am going to give you some important tips that you can do to improve the Wi-Fi signal on Android.

Boost WiFi Signal for Better Browsing

Tip# 1 Avoid connected minimal

In the ‘Setting’ menu on android there are options that will tell the phone to avoid Wi-Fi connection is minimal. This means that while scanning Wi-Fi networks are available; these features will really avoid connecting with a poor signal the adapter.

Go to Settings> Wi-Fi> click menu in the form of 3-point> Advanced, then tick the box ‘Avoid poor connection’.

Tip# 2 Use Metal Containers

This could be an alternative method to improve signal capture Wi-Fi for the better. You can try to use containers made of metal. These containers will function like a ‘parabolic’ that will capture the signal. This may not be the most practical thing to do whenever you get weak connections, but at least a try.

Tip# 3 Firmware Update

For Android devices that use a custom ROM, make sure you update the firmware manually.

Tip# 4 Remove Third Party Casing

One of the causes of poor Wi-Fi signal may also be derived from a third-party case commonly used, especially those containing metal material. To determine whether the casing affects Wi-Fi signal reception, you can perform a test by speed test applications. First remove the third-party casing, refer to the speed of Wi-Fi signal reception. Then reinstall the casing was then re-test by speed test app the same place. If the result is put on case affect Wi-Fi signal reception is good can you release shortly.

Tip# 5 Distance Router

Make sure you are close enough distance to the router. For example, for placement in the home should be the placement of the router is in the middle of the room and not many walls that block with a slightly higher position.

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