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Seven Mistakes While Using Gmail

Seven Mistakes While Using Gmail

Gmail is one successor email platforms currently used to transmit a wide variety of enclosures via the Internet. Gmail launched with the system in the form of Beta invitation on 1st of April 2004, available to the public on 7th of February 2007, though still bears the Beta status.

In use Gmail, users can access Gmail in the form of web mail HTTPS, POP3 or IMAP4. However, some user might make some mistakes while using Gmail. In this article, I am going to mention you some of them. Hope you will better understand after this article.

If the error is not addressed, can also be influential in the next usage. So here are the errors in using this Gmail.

Seven Mistakes While Using Gmail

Mistake #.1 Removes All Blank Email to Inbox.

Intention to remove all emails that empty inbox is actually one of the ways the wasteful and no benefits. Because Gmail automatically deletes emails that are not specifically marked with an asterisk.

Mistake #.2 Marking All emails as read.

In addition to deleting all emails that inbox is empty, marking all the emails that have been read is also one way to use Gmail wrong. Therefore, this method will make it difficult for you if it turns out there is important emails unread.

Mistake #.3 Save Lots Draft.

Gmail indeed one of the platforms that can be automatically varied to store many drafts. Just by pressing the ‘Compose’ course is the easiest way to save millions of drafts even useless draft can also be stored.

Mistake #.4 Too Much Label, sub-label and Folders.

It is also one of the mistakes that are often found in the use of Gmail. This would not be useful and more wasting your time in choosing – choosing email only.

Mistake #.5 Confusion between Reply and Reply All

Reply is one of the options available for you reply to incoming messages you have received an email from one of your colleagues. Well, in this case, the Reply and Reply all are different use. If the Reply is used to reply to just one person Reply All to reply while more than one person.

Mistake #.6 Too Much unread email.

Sometimes when we are lazy to read the email is received, then the long – email will accumulate over time and make you confused to read one by one. Well, especially if one of the emails in the form of important data, you will have difficulty in check.

Mistake #.7 Send Email to Yourself.

Perhaps because the intention you want to save the file that goes into the draft inbox, so you sending an email to yourself. It also wrong in using Gmail. Therefore, it is better you use your Google Drive that makes it easy to store attachments and documents.

Well, Hope you find this article useful for your Gmail Account.

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