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Make BlackBerry As Wifi Router

Make BlackBerry As Wifi Router

In many cities cafes, restaurants that provide free wifi hotspot. Many people remain silent long enough in the cafe to use the free wifi with one cup of coffee.

However, often times free wifi facility is not available at all times, such as while on the move or in the village, many people who have BlackBerry browsing and subscription package. To chat and browse the BB emergency are practical, but how to take advantage of existing connectivity?

There are two ways to connect your laptop to BlackBerry. The first is manually and the process is an easy. Broadly speaking the stages are as follows:

  1. Make sure you are connecting the USB cable and handheld BlackBerry manager already installed on your computer
    2.Make sure your BlackBerry specifications suitable for modem functions
    3. In general, the model BB above provides the modem driver. If not available, the driver can be downloaded from the Blackberry Store.
    4. Check that the modem driver is functioning.
    5. Register a new internet connection on your computer.
    6. Disable IP header compression
    The first way this may be difficult, especially when it is not accustomed to connecting their own Internet connection. For ease, the Blackberry app world providing a special app that can practically transform into a BB router.

This particular app called Tether and how to use them can be seen from the site tether.com. This app is fairly installed in BB and laptops, and the internet connection process that converts into a BB router will be guided from beginning to end. The process is five minutes. This application can use the connection via USB cable or Bluetooth.

This application is paid and quite expensive. It is not much different from the initial price as Telkom Flazz modem. However, when considered in the long term, using it as a modem BB is more efficient because it does not need to spend money on the internet separate package with the modem.

Connectivity costs already included in the price of the BlackBerry data services are already paid for. Especially now that there are some providers that provide connectivity that is strong enough to be able to stream music and video.

In use to keep in mind in using the BB to the wifi router is a type of internet package requested. Be sure to register with an unlimited package which would include a package browsing. Do not let one use BB as a modem when subscribing to the internet packages because internet bill can soar high.

Even the use of the internet is not just for emergencies, but could as an alternative to the Internet at home. BB extra advantage when changing into a wifi router looks at the monthly Internet bill, which the bill may be able to give you the freedom to use the internet in different kinds of places. The initial capital is a bit heavy, but life will become easier in the future. Have a nice day.

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