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Apple may Change their iPhone Lineup Next Year

Apple iPhone Lineup Next Year

Apple has now changed the way we used to see them bringing their models. They brought the new ‘Plus’ series models and this year they brought iPhone SE which clearly shows that company has now plans to bring the gadgets exactly according to the market demand. Furthermore they are not forcing their models on customers as they are getting more alternatives through which they can choose their favourite product. Now some latest reports are coming that the fruit company has some plans to change their strategies further from next year.

Many experts are claiming that Apple may change their iPhone lineup from next year. There are chances that company may change the ‘Plus’ series models and they may bring a bigger device. The name of this new series is expected to be different from the current one. It can have an AMOLED display and the screen-size can be of 5.8 inches. Now it seems that company is planning to remove the 5.5 inch series. This is certain exciting for many iOS lovers as they may get a bigger screen with high-quality display. Apple is planning to bring OLED display for their customers because they know that models with OLED display are getting good response from customers.

People close to the industry are saying that Apple is looking for manufacturers who can supply this display to them in bulk this year. However it is still not clear when company is going to receive these displays and when they are going to design the gadget. If they get the required displays within time then the chances are that company may bring the model in 2017 which can start a new era of iOS devices. Furthermore there are chances that Apple may not receive the displays within time. So we cannot deny that the plans will be pushed ahead to meet all the prerequisites.

Aluminium is playing a major part in current-generation iPhone models. The time is not very far when we will see Apple bringing new kinds of devices. They have decided not to work with a rigid approach which is good for iOS lovers. Experts are also saying that curved panels are definitely on the cards. Therefore the designs may also change in coming times. It is an excellent report and we may see different kinds of iPhone models from 2017 or may be 2018.

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