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OnePlus 3 Leaked Online

OnePlus 3 Leaked Online

OnePlus is another Chinese model which is competing with some other makers like Xiaomi directly and they are creating their own base into the marketplace. The brand is in international market from a few years and many people like using it. Currently they are focussing to bring high-quality functions with an economical price-tag. Their strategy seems to be working them as they are continuously increasing their customers around the globe. Recently some details about their next model OnePlus 3 leaked online. Here we are providing some details about this model.

OnePlus 3 will be the successor of the current model OnePlus 2 which is moderately successful in many markets due to the affordable price. The upcoming model is expected to be unveiled on April 7th and many sources are saying that the gadget may arrive same month into the marketplace. This gadget can have a 5.5 inch screen and it can have a fullHD display. The resolutions can be around 1080*1920 pixels. One of the most useful things is that company is planning to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset here. It will surely be useful for the people as this processor is among the most powerful gizmos at present. Multi-tasking will be a fun here and you would be able to enjoy your favourite games without any difficulty.

Experts are saying that company may use Android 6.0.1 operating system in this model. The gadget can have Adreno 530 GPU and it will be influential enough to provide high-quality performance every time. Many specialists are saying that OnePlus will project this model as a device which can work brilliantly under different conditions. They are looking to add many features available in other premium models. However it is unlikely that company may project it as a ‘flagship killer’ or anything similar to it. They projected previous models as ‘flagship killer’ and it didn’t go down well in the market.

OnePlus 3 is expected to have a 4GB RAM and it can have 32GB of internal storage capacity. Company may like including microSD card slot but currently the capacity of this slot is not clear. This device can have 16MP of primary camera whereas secondary camera can be of 8MP. Most probably company may launch this model next month but the release date for international market is not available at present. We will inform you as soon as we get some details.

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