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Apple Accepts iOS9.3 is Bringing Issues to iPad and iPhone

Apple Accepts iOS9.3 is Bringing Issues to iPad and iPhone

You may have noticed that iOS 9.3 was becoming a big headache for many users and a number of leaked reports were confirming the same. A number of users were facing some issues with their devices and Apple has also accepted the same thing. The company is saying that some users faced issues as activation was not smooth. They also suspended the upgrade programme partially.

Those people who were using iPhone5S and earlier models and iPad Air and earlier models got some issues. People were required to enter their Apple ID and password to complete the software update. However those who were not able to recall their password got some serious problems. Their devices were in inactive state till they reset their password. Company said officially that they have suspended the update for these devices till they solve this issue and they will bring the update very soon.

Some reports claim that iPad 2 users were the worst hit as they were not able to get the update smoothly. Apple immediately checked the issue and provided another build for iPad 2. If you are using this device then it is better to contact customer care to update the operating system smoothly. Unfortunately there is no over the air support for those who were not able to update the device before. However you would be able to update it with the help of PC if you are looking for the new operating system.

Now there are so many people who do not remember their Apple ID and password. They can check the help page by Apple to know the right way to get the update. If you are not able to get the update then it is better to contact Apple support for the same. Company knows it very well that not all customers would be able to get the new operating system by their own. Therefore they are ready to support their customers in the best possible way. Now another thing is important to mention here is that iOS 9.3 is loaded with many new features like secured Notes, refinements, and Night Shift. The installation process may give some troubles to some users because of it. Therefore contact Apple Support immediately if you are facing any related issue while updating the device. The new operating system iOS9.3 is certainly good once installed successfully. You would not only be able to utilize many new functions but your device can also stay safe. So use iOS9.3 to enhance the power of your gadget.

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