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Facebook Ends Support for Blackberry Platform

Facebook Ends Support for Blackberry Platform

There was a time when BlackBerry was the top model for those who were looking to use new functions on their gadget. The black beauty was indeed well-liked by many people throughout the globe and they were able to share the data with ease through this model. However with the arrival of iOS models and then the never ending Android contributed a lot to stop the success of BlackBerry. Sometimes it becomes very hard for many people to believe that BlackBerry is gradually losing its market share. The company decided not to change with time and it was the prime reason they steadily lost their customers.

We discussed few days ago that Whatsapp will not be available for BlackBerry platform. Now Facebook is also following the same route and they have decided to end the support for BlackBerry platform. Facebook is the parent company of Whatsapp and they are also giving the same reason like Whatsapp. Few days ago that Android, iOS and Windows based models account for their 99.5% market share. Therefore they would like to focus on this section only. Facebook is also giving the same reason as they are saying that they need to focus on the sector where they have the most users.

BlackBerry also gave an official statement that they tried their best to get the support for Facebook as well as Whatsapp but they will not change their mind now. However company is trying the best to provide some alternate solution to their customers. They are saying that company will not compromise with the quality and they will provide a world-class experience to BlackBerry users.

Whatsapp will end support for BlackBerry devices by the end of this year. They are already issuing an official statement to upgrade the devices to continue using messaging services. Now many BlackBerry users would not be able to use both these platforms after this year. How BlackBerry will support their users will be the thing to check. The journey or BlackBerry is not going to be easier in coming times. We all know Facebook and Whatsapp have a huge customer base. If someone is not getting the required support for both these platform then they will surely like to see some other model. BlackBerry 10 is a device which has some support for Android apps. However it is not sufficient because many times apps do not work appropriately. This year is certainly crucial for BlackBerry if they want to do something next year.

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