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Analysis of Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Samsung is trying hard to increase the market of their laptops. They are trying to bring some useful models for their customers and it has helped them to capture some of the market share. However they know very well that the task is not going to be easier for them. Therefore they are trying their best to compete with the leaders like Apple and Microsoft and they are bringing some premium models. We can see that Microsoft Surface models are gaining popularity but it is not that much big like Apple. Therefore Samsung is also getting ready to challenge other makers by bringing some finest features. They recently brought Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Here we are checking if the model is good enough to be called as a ‘premium’ device or not.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S has recently arrived into the marketplace and the starting price of this gadget is £849 only. It is proving to be a handy device as the gadget can work like a tablet as well as laptop. However tablet section is a little bulkier than other options. Therefore do not forget to check this section if you are looking for an influential 2-in-1 device. The device is based on Windows 10 and it looks somewhat similar to Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Samsung Galaxy TabPro S has a powerful Intel Core M sixth generation processor. Therefore it will not let you down if your usage is heavy. The device works brilliantly and it can work easily for long hours without any glitch.

Company has included fast-charging technology here. Therefore you need not have to wait for long hours to get it charged completely. AMOLED display is just awesome. The gadget is based on Windows 10 and you can utilize all the latest apps on this device. Weight is 1.53 lbs. The solid state drive is 128GB and you can use 4GB of RAM here. The dimensions of the gadget is 11.43”*7.83”*0.25”. Rear camera is of 5MP with autofocus feature. It has Full HD video recording feature. Front camera of this gadget is of 5MP. It has the newest Wi-Fi connectivity features along with Bluetooth version 4.1 as well as USB C 3.1. Specifications clearly show that the device is excellent and it can give satisfactory feature. The only two things to check before purchasing this device are the size of the screen and the weight of tablet section. Some people may not be satisfied with the size of the screen while others may find the tablet heavy. However in general the device will not disappoint you with its features.

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