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HTC 10 all set to be launched on April 12th

HTC 10 all set to be launched on April 12th

HTC 10 is one of the most-awaited Android flagship model for which people are waiting for some time. Now it seems that company may launch this model on April 12th as company has already started sending media invites for an event. There are chances that HTC may launch their flagship model HTC 10 through this event which is considered to be the successor of HTC One M9. Now interestingly many experts are saying that HTC may not name this model as HTC M10 as they are looking to start afresh to capture the market.

Company has included a tagline #powerof10 which gives a clear hint that HTC 10 is on the way. Moreover company is asking to visit htc.com to know more about it. Therefore it will be an online event. Many experts were hoping that HTC may launch the model in MWC 2016 event but it didn’t happen. Now they are going to organize a special event for their flagship model. Many people are highly interested to see this model because they are eager to know many related details about it. The eagerness of checking all the information about this model has become higher after the arrival of iPhone SE. Will HTC 10 be able to compete with already crowded market? We all know that Samsung recently brought their Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Furthermore LG G5 will be available from March 31st. Therefore the journey of HTC is certainly going to be tough.

Now if we talk about the specifications of this people then most of the experts are saying that we would be able to use a 2K display here. The resolutions of this gadget are expected to be of 2560*1440 pixels. It can have a 5.2 inch screen and the gadget may have a 64 bit Snapdragon quad-core processor here. Company may include a 4GB RAM here and it can have a powerful Adreno 530 GPU. Now it is a flagship model. Therefore company may not like to take any kind of risk this time. They already know that some of their previous results were not as per the expectations.

Most probably HTC will bring this model in three editions. The first edition is expected to be of 32GB while second and third edition can be of 64GBand 128GB. We will inform you as soon as we get the official details.

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