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Now a Microsoft Surface Smartphone

Microsoft Surface Smartphone

Microsoft is the leader of technological world and they have given a new face to PC industry. They are leading the software section from a long time now. They have the history of more than 40 years and they are regularly doing their part to bring innovative technology throughout the globe. They have entered into the hardware sector also as they are bringing Windows based models from some time. You may already be aware of their Lumia series. Company is promoting their gadgets as ‘business class’ as they feel that a particular niche can help them to capture the market. There is no doubt that many people find Lumia devices pricey in comparison to other alternatives but slowly and steadily Microsoft is creating its own way.

Now it seems that company is getting ready to enhance their smartphone categories. Company is planning to bring a completely new edition and we may see Microsoft Surface smartphone in coming times. These models are going to be different from the current Lumia set and the makers have some big plans for this model. The talks are going on about this model from December 2015. Now people close to the industry are saying that company may bring this model in October this year.

A lot of talks are going on about this model. Some people are saying that the gadget may be very different from the current models. It will have a 5.5 inch screen and the resolutions are going to be 1440*2560 pixels. The gadget is expected to have an Intel x3 processor and company may include an AMOLED display in this model. There are reports that the model can have 4GB RAM and it will be available in two editions. These editions will be differentiated in terms of internal memory storage like other models. The gadget is expected to be available with 64GB and 128GB internal capacity. Primary camera of Microsoft Surface phone is expected to be of 21MP with high-quality lens and secondary camera can be of 8MP.

However another story is emerging out about the gadget. This information is completely different from whatever we discussed so far. Some sources are indicating that it will be a breakthrough gadget where we would be able to use 6GB to 8GB RAM. It is not all. The gadget can have 256GB to 500GB internal capacity. Now it is massive. Currently nothing is official about this gadget. So we have to wait for a few more months to know all the related details. We will inform you as soon as we get some details.

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