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New Leaks of HTC 10

New Leaks of HTC 10

A lot of reports are coming about the next flagship model by HTC and market is eagerly waiting for the launch of this gadget. We told you few days ago that the makers are planning to bring the new flagship model with stunning camera. HTC doesn’t have a good record in terms of the quality of camera and people have openly criticized about the quality. Now it seems that company is leaving no stone unturned and we will see a flagship model by HTC with a stunning camera.

Now in the meanwhile some other reports are also coming out about HTC 10. Many sources are claiming that HTC 10 is expected to have LCD 5 Display. These reports have not been confirmed by major sources but the chances are that we may not see AMOLED display this time. Now this can be the talk of the town as many people were expecting AMOLED screen in this gadget. These are not the official words as company prefers to keep the cards close to their chest before the final outcome. Super LCD is also a good option for many people as it offers a good outdoor visibility. Moreover it is also useful to save the battery.

Some other reports are also claiming that HTC 10 can have 3000 mAh battery. There is no information at present if company will include a removable or non-removable battery. However specialists will surely be eager to check the power of the battery this time. We just discussed that HTC is planning to improve the quality of the camera. Furthermore the gadget is expected to have LCD 5 display. So it will be very exciting to see how the battery is going to perform in this case. We have seen before how different types of models didn’t perform as soon as they changed some hardware. Although some companies claim that battery power has been increased yet they didn’t give the required result in the market.

HTC may announce this model next month. The gadget may have a 5.1 inch screen and we may see the device with 4GB RAM. The gadget can have 32GB of internal capacity along with Snapdragon 820 chip. It can also have a USB Type-C port. It is important from company’s point of view that they should not only provide better camera and battery. However they should also check the design of this gadget. It will be great if they change the design of the gadget this time.

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