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Now ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ has Started Creating a Buzz

Now ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ has Started Creating a Buzz

We all are waiting for the event of Apple which is going to start very soon. Isn’t it? Everyone is eager to see the new launches and it will surely enhance more competition in midrange models. Now as everyone is busy checking the upcoming event, some new reports are also emerging out for the regular iPhone models. You may already know that Apple likes to show their iPhone model in last quarter every year. This year is also same and they may bring their new regular iPhone models in October this year. However many reports are already coming into sight as the leaked details are giving lots of hints about their upcoming models.

Now many sources are indicating that Apple is planning to bring not two but three iPhone models this year. Currently it has not been confirmed officially but a lot of rumours are suggesting the same. We have already discussed that ‘iPhone 7’ and ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ are expected to be the next two models by the company. However some industry experts are revealing that Apple is planning to add one more to their kitty and it could be ‘iPhone 7 Pro’.

Now some reports are giving the hind that this model is expected to be the beast among all the three. The gadget is expected to have a big 5.5 inch screen and company may include a dual lens camera in this model. Many reports are also saying that Apple is planning to launch these models in September but currently there are no specific reports about it. This upcoming can have all the exciting features like 3D Touch, Apple ID, Apple Pay and many more. Some specialists are saying that they cannot deny completely that Apple is not planning to bring three models. The chances are high that iPhone 7 Pro can have dual lens camera whereas iPhone 7 Plus may not have this facility.

We still have a few more months to see the next iPhone models but it is appearing almost sure that Apple may not change the design drastically this time. We told you some days ago that Apple got some new patents for their upcoming devices but they may not use it in iPhone 7 series. There are reports that company may keep the design same as iPhone 6S. Now Apple is well-known to surprise everyone with some smart moves. Therefore we should not be surprised in the last quarter of 2016 if nothing shows up as expected at present.

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