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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus

There is little doubt in anybody’s mind that premium models by Samsung have direct competition with iPhone. Don’t you think so? Both the companies are battling hard from some years now and they are ready to make the path tough for each other. They are battling not only in the marketplace but in media and some other places also. Samsung never misses a chance to say some points about iPhone models whereas Apple has its own way to respond about all these things. Now Samsung has brought their new premium model ‘Galaxy S7 Edge’ into the market and many of us will surely like to check if the gadget is better than another huge model iPhone 6S Plus. Here we are providing the details to see which one can be more useful for you.

Design: – Here we want to say very clearly that most of the people will prefer Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Those who want a good display and attractive design will like going with Samsung model. The gadget has dual-curved ‘edge’ display. This kind of design is giving a fresh look to the gadget due to which most of the people will prefer Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Size & Display: – This section also goes to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The basic display mode of this model is working better than iPhone 6S Plus. Pixel density of Samsung model is 534 ppi whereas iPhone 6S Plus has 401 ppi pixel density. Now it doesn’t mean that the display of Samsung is appearing good in comparison to iPhone 6S Plus. Numerous other factors like hardware design and availability of the required software give the model a little edge over iPhone. Screen-size of both the models is 5.5 inches. However resolutions of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are 1440*2560 pixels in comparison to 1080*1920 pixels of iPhone 6S Plus. It is also important to mention here that iPhone model may perform better than ‘S7 Edge’ many times while checking outdoor visibility.

User-Interface: – This is the section where the real battle starts between these two models. It is certainly tough to declare a winner here because both the models have their own strengths and area of opportunities. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. This OS has helped the makers to include some great features like better multi-tasking support, S Health, built-in support for new themes and many more. The users can also check customizable edge panels here as it can give a fresh way of utilizing the gadget. Apps can be handled smoothly here and you can keep the apps at a certain place to access them any time. It makes the gadget user-friendly and at the same time users can manage their important notes without any difficulty. Now on the other hand iPhone 6S Plus has a smooth operating system. There is no doubt that iPhone 6S Plus can give a pleasurable experience in this section in comparison to Samsung model. It is certainly appearing good. The gadget may not have an Always-On display like Samsung model but it certainly scores better as 3D Touch display is well-liked by most of the people.

Those who want additional storage capacity, better design and new functions may choose Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. However who want an excellent UI and rich-quality apps can prefer iPhone 6S Plus. Both the models can give excellent picture and video quality. Primary and secondary cameras of both the models are 12MP and 5MP respectively.

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