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New Update on Whatsapp for Android Users

New Update on Whatsapp for Android Users

Whatsapp is the biggest messaging platform and it seems that the new update will further enhance the user base. This update will allow users to type sentences in a new way as the support for bold and italic will be available. Now these new features will surely going to help almost all the users as many times we like to highlight a certain section of a message. The new characteristics are going to be handy and the company is regularly doing their best to provide excellent features to the users.

Now we can also add some new documents as we have a new document file sharing feature also. This feature will allow the users to send the documents with ease and they can share important data without any difficulty. The feature is going to help a number of professionals throughout the globe. You can choose any file from Google Drive. It can be a Word file, a PowerPoint file or a PDF also. However whichever format you select it will be converted to PDF before sending the file. The version of this Whatsapp update is 2.12.535. It is especially for Android users. There is a little trick to get the bold and Italics character. If you are looking to keep a certain word bold, then type it in between two * (asterisks). If you want Italics then type it in between two underscore (_) symbols.

The appearance is also going to be changed slightly. Now users will get the display about the progress percentage during an automatic local backup. Moreover the new profile section is only going to display the name, image, and the current status. It will not going to display phone number.

We have seen that Whatsapp has added a number of new characteristics this year. They have not only included new features but new characteristics also. These new features are surely going to be supportive as you can easily share new files comfortably. If you have noticed then ‘settings’ section also has a new display. Profile pictures are now in circular form. All these new characteristics will give a refreshing experience to the users. There is no doubt that Whatsapp will now not stay as a general messaging app. It will be used more frequently by professionals as well as business world. All these new updates will be available through Google Play Store very soon.

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