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New York Cheesecake: Internal Name by Google for Next Android OS

Internal Name by Google for Next Android OS

You may be aware of that Google has started providing Android N operating system to selected users. The complete version will be launched soon and we would be able to check many new features. We have seen some related stories about it. However still many of us do not know much about this OS as the complete version will take some time to arrive. Once the operating system comes into the marketplace we will feel the difference. Most of the experts are saying that the new operating system will be very different from the current operating systems.

The new characteristics of Android N will be eye-catching and the functions will enhance the power of gadgets. The complete edition is going to arrive somewhere in summer. We will see some more updates in coming times. A number of new functions will appear and we are going to see many related information frequently. This time we will see more updates in comparison to previous operating systems. Therefore Android N will keep the industry experts busy for many more weeks.

Google always kept internal names for their previous operating systems. This time also they have kept the name for Android N and it is Android New York Cheesecake. Some specialists have noted the initials in the AOSP repository. We already know that it will certainly not going to be the final name. Google likes keeping the name of OS on desserts. Now the company is going to organize an online poll for naming the operating system. However the main issue is finding the name of a good dessert starting with N. The names are very less and the right selection is certainly not going to be easy.

There are no official details about the name. Some names like Nougat and Nonpareils are cropping up but it is tough to say anything at present. The performance of Android N operating system will make the gadget different from other available alternatives. This operating system will permit the users to select the apps in Quick settings section. You would also be able to keep all the notifications at one place. Moreover the utilization of multi-window is surely going to be handy. The enhanced doze will assist the user further to save the battery. Visit Google Opinion Rewards app to know more about it. There are two questions in it. Company is looking for a tasty food that starts with N. Moreover they are also asking users their favourite food starting with N. Company is not mentioning anything about their upcoming operating system in this survey. However it is almost very clear that Google is looking for the name of their upcoming operating system.

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