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New Leaks Confirm iPhone7 Will Not Have Headphone Jack

iPhone7 Will Not Have Headphone Jack

The first quarter of 2016 is going to end soon. Now we are entering into the quarter from where the rumor mills related to the next iPhone model will keep churning frequently. We regularly hear a lot about their next iPhone model and this year is also appearing not to be very different. Now some sources are indicating that iPhone 7 will not have 3.5 mm headphone jack and most probably it can have dual stereo speakers.

Company is planning to bring iPhone 7 somewhere in the last quarter. We may see two different models of iPhone 7. The first will be the regular new iPhone model while the second will be its sibling. Now many experts are hoping that it will be called as iPhone 7 Plus but the chances are less. According to some sources company is planning to name it iPhone 7 Pro. The design of iPhone 7 is expected to be very similar to iPhone 6 but it may not have headphone jack. The images of a new iPhone case show that no space available for headphone cable. Therefore the probability is very high that iPhone 7 will be a little different from previous models.

There can be a special all-in-one lightening connector which will allow the user to listen to their favorite music without the support of any headphone jack. Many experts are also saying that upcoming iPhone model will be much slimmer than the current iPhone model. Therefore they are planning to remove headphone jack. There are two speaker grille openings visible at the bottom of this new case. The shape of this section gives a hint that upcoming model can have stereo sound output.

Many experts are also saying that the new model can have dual-lens support but it is tough to say anything at this point as the shape of the new case is not giving any clue about it. However camera lens is expected to be on the rear section. There can be a single port to access audio as well as data function. A special Bluetooth device will be supportive to enjoy music. The power and volume button may not be changed this time but most probably company is planning to multiple functions through a single point. The new design will indeed appear cool and people will enjoy these new functions thoroughly.

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