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How tech gadgets can help in outdoor activities

How Tech Gadgets Can Help In Outdoor Activities

Technology has evolved so much that I cannot imagine a single day without using it. Whether it is my smartphone or my laptop, I simply cannot sustain the need to check it out every now and then. But the thing that amazed me most is the fact that now I can do all of those outdoor activities and have these amazing tech gadgets help me out. My iPhone has become my trainer and with the outstanding aid from many diverse apps, I can now go camping, fishing, running, swimming and many other things while at the same time keeping track of everything I’ve done and how it affected my body, weight loss, heartbeats etc. Here are some of the gadgets that might help you in many different outdoor activities.

Guardian purifier

MSR, an outstanding company leading in camping designs has created a water purifier, the Guardian, which is being used by the US military. Its portable design does not rely on batteries or chemicals; instead, it is pure filtering power that does the job. This gadget purifies around 2.5 liters of water per minute, and takes care of all kinds of bacteria and pesky and all super small viruses. This gadget costs around $350, and I think that more and more survivors will start using it as their prime tech.

Glagla Treck connect boots

Now this is something that I was most interested in; snow and other terrains were never as easily conquered as they are now. One can connect his smartphone with these boots and keep track of his temperature, steps travelled, calories burned and other great advantages offered by these incredible boots. They are sensor packed and waterproof, and are great for travelling on foots, especially over not-everyday terrains. Keep your outdoor adventures comfortable, and get the most from a pair of boots by getting Glagla Treck connected boots today.


One of the things that we all have and carry in our pockets 15 hours a day have proven to be among the best travelling companions out there. With so many apps being developed and placed on the market, smartphones have gained totally new usages. They can now track your body temperature, calories burnt, provide map and GPS orientation; teach you all kinds of new exercises and how to do them, and work as a multi tool in many different situations. I personally use my iPhone as much as possible, and I love downloading new apps and testing them out. Being on the move all the time, I had to do several iPhone repairs in the past, but that is a thing of no concern since it helped me do amazing things.

Traverse sport watch

This professionally designed wonder watch saw its purpose helping people navigate and track their mileage. Its navigation components make it as accurate as any modern GPS, and all from the palm of your hand or the safety of your wrist. I saw this one on the market with the price of around $450; however it is still a modern watch with a futuristic design.

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