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MediaTek all set to pioneer advanced wireless communication

MediaTek is a pioneering fabless semiconductor company and a market leader in cutting-edge Systems on Chip for wireless communications and connectivity, HDTV, DVD and Blu-ray. It created the world’s first True Octa-core smartphone platform and in emphasized on establishing a platform for the entire masses to use so that everyone feels comfortable with technology and it becomes simple and user friendly.

MediaTek announced a new technology that abridges a new form of technology that simplifies hardware and software resource sharing called the CrossMount. This technology helps in resources sharing between different consumer devices.

The CrossMount framework ensures that any device can seamlessly and effortlessly be compatible with any device and share hardware and software resources authorized by the user. CrossMount is a very simple to implement technology for all the MediaTek customers and partners in the wider ecosystem that opens the chances for multiple devices working perfectly as one application.

“Consumers have adopted a wide array of Internet-connected devices at home, in schools and workplaces; CrossMount sets the new standard for easy cross-device interaction and resource sharing. We are particularly keen to open up this innovation to our wide ecosystem of customers and partners around the world, unleashing their imagination to create new immersive experiences that further enrich peoples’ lives,” said Joe Chen, Senior Vice President, MediaTek.

CrossMount can be implemented in Android and Linux and also all other platforms. It works between devices of both hardware and software resources across small phones, tablets and Television. It works through simple discovery, pairing, authorization and use of all things across the phone.

MediaTek is establishing a new form of alliance to bring all its worldwide customers and friends together to explore the new possibilities to take the technology forward for everyone. The developers will be free to use the CrossMount to make any further developments that need to be made in the software.

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