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Let’s Take a Look on the History of 3D Technology

Let’s Take a Look on the History of 3D Technology

3D Technology is not today’s invention. It has a long history for more than 150 years. The history can be deeply related to the starting of photography. In 1844, David Brewster added a new invention in photographic technology. It was Stereoscope and it could take 3D image. In 1851, an exhibition was held and an image of Queen Victoria was shown by Louis Jules Duboscq in this exhibition that was taken by newest improved technology. The Stereoscopic cameras were highly used during the World War II.

After 1900, there were huge numbers of upgrading in the 3d technology. Especially this technology had been highly developed in 20th century. Kinematascope was developed in this era and in 1915, a movie was created by this stereo animation camera. “The Power of Love” a 3D movie was shown in 1922 and it was the time of great history. After that a 3D color movie was shown in 1935.

Based on the invention history of 3D technology, the practice of this technology was going on from long times ago. The 1950s was really a noticeable time of changing the history of 3D technology. In this time, TV had started to increase its popularity. Few 3D movies were produced in this time.  House of Wax and Bwana Devil can be mentioned as 3D movies, although theaters were not capable fully to apply 3D technology.

Space-Vision 3D was introduced in the year of 1960 and created the revolution in 3D. Usage of two cameras was removed by this updated technology. “The Bubble” was the first movie which was created by this technology. People became interested remarkably to this type of movie and the 3D technology touched the top of popularity.

Then we can consider the year of 1970 when the Stereovision technology was improved. An extraordinary anamorphic lens was applied in this tool which could enlarge the pictures with a group of filters (Polaroid).  ‘The Stewardesses’ was the name of first movie which was developed with Stereovision. It was a movie of huge budget and also earned a lot than any other movies in that time. After 1970 and before 1990, many 3D movies were produced and shown very successfully. ‘Jaws 3-D’ was a well-known movies during this 1980s or later. Canada used polarized glasses in 1986 to develop their 3D movies named ‘Echos of the Sun’. After 1990s, IMAX 3D was used to release many movies.

In present century, 21st century, there are many studios who released many popular 3D movies by using most updated 3D technology. We can mention few of these movies are ‘Aliens of the Deep’, The Polar Express, Spy Kids 3D: Game over, etc. After 2010, many TV channels started to broadcast their programs in 3D technology. There are presently many TV channels which are totally 3D and broadcasting their shows by using this technology. The history of 3D technology is still continuing. We can hope that we will see a great revolution in this technology in the future.

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