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Snapchat: A Powerful Marketing Tool

Snapchat A Powerful Marketing Tool

Snapchat is into the market from more than 4 years now and it has appeared to be a powerful tool of marketing. You may already know that it is an application for iOS and Android which billions of users utilize to send and view videos. This has appeared to be an influential tool to provide a boost to the business. Many users enjoy the facility to share their favorite videos. Therefore it is undoubtedly an excellent tool to see and send the videos as per the requirement. If we check the power of this application then it is vital to inform you that around 2.5 billion videos as well as photos were shared till last year. Moreover many other Snapchat contents were also viewed by users. The calculation for the same is reaching more than 550 million times.

Snapchat provides you the facility to grow your market. Now at the same time you can also keep your circle closed according to the requirement. There are so many mediums available through different tools for marketing. However Snapchat has its special place. This medium provides the facility to include the user attention thoroughly. They can also participate through this medium. Therefore the features make the application exclusive for many people. Users can simply keep their thumb on the screen of their gadget. It will keep the screen rolling to check other details. Those who are looking to use this medium as an advertiser’s platform can utilize it after a certain level. The medium becomes more open after a certain time level due to which many advertisers frequently use it.

There are different types of lenses available in this app. It is beneficial to get the complete information about any particular fragment. People like using it for fun also. However company has closed the Lens store at the beginning of this year. Those people who have purchased lenses before can still use it but the official support for new lenses are not available. Many free lenses are still available. Company announced that they are closing the Lens store to focus more on advertising business. Snapchat also closed their Snap channel last year as it didn’t get the required support from the market. Company is now planning to bring something new for their users. Most probably we may see some changes in a month. So make the most of this app for fun as well as work.

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