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Next HTC Nexus Model can Have 3D Touch Technology

Next HTC Nexus Model can Have 3D Touch Technology

The 3D Touch technology is going to be the next big thing in smartphone models. The technology is available in iOS devices and now it seems that many upcoming Android gadgets can have the same feature. Google brought a native fingerprint API with their Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. Now with Google Android N we may see a unique pressure-sensitive display technology. It will help many makers to bring unique smartphone models through which display is going to be changed in many models. The gadget will have a special 3D Touch display that can help you to get a fresh kind of display.

Huawei Mate S has a special pressure-sensitive technology but it has its own limitation. Experts say that it is cannot support all kinds of software. Therefore the operations are limited. Now HTC is going to take the next step in this direction. Many rumors are suggesting that the next HTC Nexus is expected to have 3D Touch Technology. This feature can have a broad range of prospects. So we can see different new software supporting these characteristics.

Now if the next HTC Nexus model is going to be loaded with unique 3D Touch technology then it directly means that the gadget will be loaded with Android N operating system. This new operating system will provide additional features to the model. Therefore we may see many new special kinds of features. Many specialists believe that the next Android operating system can have the power to bring many new changes to the smartphone industry. It can have many innovative features which can change the way we use the smartphone at present.

We are still waiting for the official announcement by Google. If Google is including this technology then many manufacturers can include this feature in their upcoming models. Many reports are also claiming that HTC is going to be the only manufacturer who can bring Nexus models this year. Many sources are indicating that HTC is going to bring two Nexus models this year. The first model can have 5 inch screen while the other can have 5.5 inch screen. Many gossips are also suggesting that HTC is working on a special kind of virtual reality game. If the reports are true then we certainly have bright chances to see different kinds of devices through which we can get unique gaming experience. Currently we are just hearing rumors about these features. However we may see these unique characteristics in coming times.

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